On and behind the stage

Winning the title of “Top 10 Young Artists 2019” in Hong Kong and being invited to share his A cappella experience in TEDx event, Kessay is an active A cappella artist in Hong Kong. He believes music is abstract, yet it is the best way to evoke one’s emotions, while our voices are the most direct and pure tools to create music.



TED Speaker

International Champion

Top 10 Young Artist in Hong Kong

Kessay is a 2-time Champion in Loopstation category of “A cappella Championship”, an international A cappella competition held in Singapore. As a pianist, bass and drum set player, he puts his inspirations from these music-making experiences into the vocal art, A cappella. 

He is keen on discovering unique ways in delivering music ideas in live performances and online. He is also a videographer and sound engineer so he can present and execute his ideas comprehensively. In order to contribute to the Hong Kong A cappella circle, he now directs and shoots music videos for local teams, and does live concert mixing as well as music production for groups.


陳氏連續兩年(2018 & 2019)獲得新加坡"A cappella Championship" Loopstation 組別國際賽事冠軍。除了熱心於歌唱,他同時為鋼琴、低音結他及流行鼓手。他希望融入樂器的技巧和靈感到無伴奏合唱中。



Inspiring young singers

  Kessay started his music journey in his secondary school years, when he formed his A cappella team, Infiniter, in school. Winning the championship of local competition and prizes in Taiwan as a team, he also won the title of Student of the Year in Performing Artist organized by SCMP individually. With his achievement, he was granted a full scholarship by the Home Affair Bureau in pursuit of his study in the Music Department in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. During his Bachelor study in CUHK, he studied classical voice with Mr Caleb Woo Wing Ching and focused on elderly A cappella music pedagogy.


  As a music educator himself, he realized that personal quality development can be achievement through music training, and thus, teenagers can have a holistic learning experience and build up their self-esteems. He initiated “天水圍唱Wai Sing” in 2019 to discover the growth of youngsters in long term A cappella training in the form of a documentary movie, and hence carry out A cappella training program for the less privileged students in schools and communities like Tin Shui Wai and Lantau Island. With the foundation of Wai Sing, "Wai Sing Music" is established in 2020 and registered as a limited company. Wai Sing Music now provides music and video production services and professional acappella performances.

他的音樂之路可以追溯至中學時期,與另外四位同學成立校內無伴奏合唱隊伍Infiniter,旋即奪得本地中學無伴奏合唱比賽冠軍,繼而同年獲邀參加台灣之國際無伴奏合唱比賽大學組別,並獲銅獎。中學畢業前,他獲南華早報頒發Student of the Year表演藝術家組別冠軍,更獲民政事務局頒發多元卓越獎學金,全額資助入讀並畢業於香港中文大學音樂系,主修古典聲樂,師承胡永正先生,並研究老人無伴奏合唱教程。



Creating music

Kessay is now a resident artist in the duo band “前面有樂 CMYL” with Ivy Hung. They were invited recently to perform in San Francisco in the Annual Gala of the Hong Kong Association in Northern California. Their upcoming projects include producing their first original album and concerts.


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